Women’s ideas about the health effects of household air pollution, developed through focus group discussions and artwork in Southern Nepal

Delan Devakumar, Zeshan Qureshi, Jenevieve Mannell, Manju Baruwal, Neha Sharma, Eva Rehfues, Naomi M Savill, Dharma S Manandhar, David Osrin

Household air pollution is a major cause of ill health, but few solutions have been effective to date. While many quantitative studies have been conducted, few have explored the lived experiences and perceptions of women who do the cooking, and as a result are those most exposed to household air pollution. In this study, we worked with groups of home cooks, and sought to use art as a means of engaging them in discussions of how household air pollution from cooking affects their lives. In the Terai district of southern Nepal, we held four focus groups that included 26 local women from urban and peri-urban areas, as well as six local artists. The women then met approximately weekly over four months, and produced images related to air pollution.

Dr Zeshan Qureshi

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