Dr Zeshan Qureshi

BM BSc (Hons) MSc MRCPCH FAcadMEd MRCPS(Glasg)

Hi, my name is Zeshan Qureshi. I am a Paediatrician based in London, with a portfolio career, spanning education, research, entrepreneurship and advocacy.

Thank you for visiting my page and your interest in my work. I love practising medicine, but I also feel like we need to constantly strive to improve what we do. Through my work outside the hospital walls, I aim to bring awareness to current challenges in medicine, and crucially how to overcome them.this replica GMT-Master II features automatic winding technology


I practise in all areas of paediatrics, including General Paediatrics, Neonatology, and Emergency Medicine. I work closely with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to deliver patient-centred care to sick children in the local community.


I have been involved in medical research across cardiology, global health, paediatrics, racism, COVID-19 and medical education. I have training in both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

I am currently coediting the Oxford Textbook of Global Health of Women, Newborns, Children, and Adolescents.

Medical Education

I lead “The Unofficial Guide to Medicine” textbook series, which uses a unique publishing model to produce award winning, best-selling titles. The books have won awards from institutions such as the British Medical Association, British Institute of Radiology, and The Association for the Study of Medical Education.

Mental Health

My biggest passion is raising awareness about the importance of good mental health, particularly amongst healthcare professionals. I engage with the media and give live talks across the world to try and make doctors more aware of how to manage their mental health.


COVID-19 is an issue we all need to be aware of. After publishing a review into the evidence behind social distancing, I have continued to work on communicating important public health messages on how SARS-CoV-2 is spread, and what we can do to reduce it.

Anti-racist Medicine

I am a member of the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Reference group at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. I speak out about racial injustice within medicine and beyond, as well as putting forward solutions to common, everyday problems.