TED Talk: Our healthcare systems are making doctors mentally ill

Not only have I been to the funerals of some of my patients, I’ve also been to the funerals of colleagues. Medically fit and healthy, but who had tragically taken their life by suicide. Something entirely preventable. Alarmingly, the suicide rate amongst doctors is double that of the general population.

We need urgent action to beat an entirely avoidable problem. In this talk, drawing on both my own experience working on the frontline, and a growing body of literature on physician wellbeing, I outline the scale of the problem, and propose some much-needed solutions.

Let’s normalise psychological support to help end this absurdity where healthcare systems are making doctor mentally ill.

Dr Zeshan Qureshi

About the author

Children's doctor. London. Mental health. Global health. Medical education. TEDx talk (doctor well being).