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Prominent paediatrician slams the rate of suicide among doctors and says if a drug was causing scores to take their own lives ‘it would be pulled off the shelves immediately’

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“I have attended the funerals of children who have died under my care but equally tragically I have attended the funerals of my colleagues, who were perfectly fit and well, that took their lives by suicide”

Coronavirus social distancing: 2m vs 1m – what does the science say?

“The problem with what the government is suggesting is that social distancing is potentially being reduced in some of the highest risk settings for coronavirus transmission, actually we might have to fundamentally rethink how these social interactions happen”

NHS children’s doctor: ‘Demand on us is so great it is affecting our mental and physical health’

“It’s hard to sustain working 13 hour shifts, having to make life and death decisions, without proper breaks. This is taking its toll on the mental and physical health of me and my colleagues.”

Kindhearted taxi driver travels 200 MILES to drop off laptop customer left in his cab

“Dr Qureshi, who works at Queen Elizabeth and Great Ormond Street Hospitals in London, shared his astonishment about the Scouse generosity on social media, in a posting which has since gone viral.”

52 Million Stillbirths Expected in the Next 20 Years

Woman in rural areas of developing countries can have a stillbirth with no medical professionals around and there is “no record of that baby entering or leaving the world,” which exacerbates the problem. “If we don’t have stillbirths being counted then it is incredibly difficult for there to be targeted interventions to reduce them.